Welcome to Norling Camp Pangong

Situated amidst endless serenity, with waters as clear as day and as night falls you can reach out and grab hold of the stars, welcome to the land of Pangong. Welcome to The Norling Camp Pangong.

When you choose to stay with us, we always look to make our guests feel right at home; where convenience meets care and understanding. We believe hospitality is a dish best served warm, with love and care, and when you find yourself camping with us, at over 4000 meters of an altitude, we share something more than just stay and accommodation, we build experiences and share moments.

The camp has 15 Swiss deluxe tents with the attached lobby and well maintained western bathrooms. The location is such that the guests can enjoy the beauty of the lake as well as comparatively escape the cold weather during the night time.The staff at the camp strives hard to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for the guests. We have Two camps in Ladakh, Pangong, and Tsomoriri lake Changthang. They have windows, 2 in the bathroom and 4 in the room that can be closed from inside. The floor is concrete and each tent has its own private covered veranda.

Accommodation at Pangong Tso

Refresh your senses and rejuvenate your soul as you stay with us at Pangong.  The Norling Camp Pangong is a dreamland for discerning travelers who wish to take the beaten path and choose to see everything that is truly Leh, which truly is incredible India. We have done away with the usual touristy destinations and we choose to show you a more holistic experience. Travelers who journey to this magical place will find themselves in a land of pure and exotic mysticism.

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